According to Whitney Blodgett, your brand is not going to do you any good sitting in a dark room all day and night waiting until someone takes notice. You need to get out there. You need to make a lot of noise.

1) Experiential marketing is a great way to reach out and touch someone. What happens when you try to reach out and touch someone who is less than impressed? According to Whitney, you will have situations like that. You need to find your target audience. Just because someone buys something from you once, that does not mean they are going to be a full-fledged customer. You need to weigh your market and see who is truly interested and who is not.

According to Whitney, your goal is to reach through the gap of what you think your customer wants versus what they truly want. You need to find a way to connect with your audience and figure out their needs. Once you figure out their needs, you then need to figure out where to connect with them. In order to connect with your desired market, you sometimes have to go to them.

2) Your consumers are emotional buyers. You need to connect to their hearts. If you do not give them a reason to buy, your customers will not buy. Improve your influence. Improve your credibility. Those two components are the key to addressing your target audience. Once you do that, they will feel more comfortable buying something from you. They will get to a point where they choose you over someone else. You first need to reach and impact their soft spot.

3) You need to put your customers first, forever and always. That concept might seem like a broken record, but it does matter. You need to have customers who will advocate for you. You need someone willing to fight for your brand, seeing themselves as an influential partner. Your customers are part of the equation. If your customers do not feel like they are part of your family brand, then what reason do they have to buy?

4) Everyone gets excited over the prospect of big plans and ways to shake things up. According to Whitney, you should hold off on that. Keep your ideas simple to start out. If you do have any big plans, then you need to weigh the pros and cons of doing it. You should think of this as doing your own internal research.

“Do a cost-benefit analysis. Do the benefits you will receive outweigh the costs you might incur along the way”?

A cost-benefit analysis will keep you on the right track. Actions like this will keep you from making mistakes that might affect your brand negatively later.

5) You should not wait to get started. Other brands waited far too long and were crushed by the competition. You should wait until you have a clear view of what you are doing. Once you have that, you need to grab the bulls by the horn. Do you want some other brand, who is not as good, to take an idea you have and run with it?

Make those meaningful connections in the beginning. Once you do that, selling your brand should not be a problem. Why? You have taken away the pretense. You have shown your truth right from the start. Your customers will buy into a brand they believe in and is on their side. As long as you show them those qualities, then you should not have any trouble.

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